Do you Wonder

January 16, 2018

Will 2 9 20 08
An existential tune that asks several questions. The inspiration for this one came from my border terrier, Bill, who sometimes exhibits some of the funniest faces. One day, while I was at my desk, I look up and Bill was over on the sofa, watching me with one of his “Bill” looks and I thought, “Do you ever wonder about things? Do you, like, ever gaze up at the stars and try to guess at their origin?” And that became the basis for the first line of the song. Funny where inspiration comes from. By the way, here’s a classic Bill face…

Do you stare up at the stars and wonder
Are you frightened by the lightning and thunder

Is the writing on the wall?
Are you headed for a fall of your own making

Do you stand outside the door and linger
As the time slips quickly through your fingers

From your first step to the last
Never knowing what was cast, or what was breaking

Do you dwell upon your vain endeavors
Will you scatter to the winds forever

Should your dreams come to reprieve
Are you ready to believe that something matters?



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