March 19, 2018

Here’s a short bio I was asked to write for an upcoming singer/songwriter showcase. I’m just going to leave this here until I figure out something else to do with it.

Aside from a brief, casual encounter when he was a younger man, Mark came to the art and craft of playing guitar and writing songs later in life, picking up a guitar again at the age of 50-something after a 30 year hiatus. From 2013 to 2016 or so, Mark developed and archived somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 or so song themes… little riffs, rhythms and chord progressions that he thought had the potential to become complete songs. But for a good while these remained any further developed. Lack of lyrical muse was a big problem. Aside from one song completed in 2014 as a lullaby for his first grandchild, any potential for further developing that wellspring seemed to run perpetually dry. Then in 2016, life events and changes created a torrent of feelings and emotion that unleased a flurry of activity that manifested itself in the writing of approximately 20 songs within a period of about a year.

Mark never intended to become a singer/songwriter himself, instead fancying a scenario wherein he would write and perhaps collaborate and others would perform. However, it became clear to him after a little while that it would be more satisfying and expeditious to learn to perform his own material. While marginally able to carry a tune, Mark became a student of singing techniques, listening carefully, rehearsing and recording his own vocals and constantly adjusting until he began to develop a prosody and viable mechanism for delivery. In an effort to continue to develop his singer/songwriter chops, Mark plays out regularly at different open mics around town, generously supplementing his original material with a growing catalog of cover tunes. If there is an opportunity to play out, Mark will generally try to be there.

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