April 16, 2018

One I’ve had for awhile and recorded in various formats, but this is a freshly produced version. It has become generally known as “… that south end song”.

Sunshine through my window, Saturday
Eyes open, the morning won’t delay
Whole long summer of summertime to play (hey, hey)
Cap’n Crunch cruisin’ the bay
Mighty Mouse coming to save the day
September’s a million years away

Grown up with a South End pedigree
Novas and Gremlins as far as I can see
Summer jams with some Jack and a little weed
Cruisin’ the Dixie at night
Leisure suits, Sunday school make it alright
16 years old with a full money back guarantee

Fast forward some 40 years or so
Fed up with this goddamn dog and pony show
The devil you don’t or the one you might think you know (you know)?
Barely maintaining the bar
It is what it is and they are what they are, just a
means to an end that’ll only get you so far

Life’s moments now glimpses flash by at a glance
Blink an eye and it’s all done and gone by so fast
Dwelling deep in the past
Does it all ever come ‘round to make sense at last?

First light of the morning, time to go
Loaded up the old Chevy, got the boys in tow
Quick stop for some gas and a little dough (let’s go)
Barking in rhythm and rhyme
Waggin’ tails steady in ¾ time.

Outbound on the highway, windows down
Sun smiles on the morning as we’re blowin’ town
Like living a dream
‘Cept the dream never was what you thought it would be

Little Things (That Follow You Back Home)

April 13, 2018

A semi-biographical retelling of events in my life and how the memories of those events haunt and often sustain me.

First day of Winter back in ’93
Long week, a longer run I’d need
The park was empty as I made my way
Along a path of icy evergreen

Only sound to hear was of my footsteps settling in
Steady breathing finally warming up and that was when
Quiet paws from right behind came up to quickly steal
A gentle presence noticed at my heel

He was thin and black as the night returning from exile
Patch of dirty white shone in the street light at the mile
Still a pup but big enough to keep up in good style
We jogged there close together for awhile

The frozen ground was hard the air was getting colder now
Didn’t know if he was lost or orphaned when or how
Couldn’t leave him there alone so back the way we come
A little thing that followed me back home

Two-thousand-six my brother calls me eagerly
Been waiting in the queue so very long
Got the word to travel half way ’round the world
Wondered if I’d help and tag along

A scarce week later on a flight to foreign lands
Different world from where I’d ever been
The face of the baby there I met all round and tan
Prettiest little girl I’d ever seen

A better life she now was bound to have
A brighter future to unfold
I had the sense again I’d been here once before
Another little thing to follow you back home

Only here a little while, a moment set apart
In this span of time that only we are guests

How then to sanctify the places in our hearts
To the memories with which we have been blessed

First grandson coming soon now any day
Found some time to steal a getaway
A little chance to catch up on some history
Southern PA not too far away

Standing ‘top that ridge outside of Gettysburg
Long field sloping out a mile away
Thinking of the boys who battled hard for three long days
Brothers in arms forever, Blue and Gray

Thought about my grandson and this world to which he’s come
Will the perfect rule the better good
All the cares that fall to his safe keeping when he’s grown
His own things to follow him back home

All the little things that follow you back home

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