Goodnight My Love

May 13, 2018

Written for my first granddaughter, Bayliss, in early 2014.

Good night, my Love
Godspeed you
Good night, my Dear
And send you
Angel choirs, sing you to sleep
And rock you safely in His keep
And all your dreams are those
(Of) reds, yellows, greens and golds
And rivers
So blue and deep

Good night, my Love
Godspeed you
Good night, my Dear
The day through
When the sun yields to the stars
And the moon sends her regards
Worries fall behind
Bringing peace of mind
As gently
As butterflies

Good night, my Love
Godspeed you
Good night, my Dear
I’ll see you
When the morning breaks the night
And the world is filled with light/set aright
Day begins anew
And all your dreams come true
And waiting
Here for you


May 5, 2018

I’m “amazed” I didn’t have a semi-decent audio of this one posted here.

Six-o-five I’m bound to this road again to nowhere new
Lost then found my thoughts tend to linger on a life with you
Hearts lived wild and free
Often won’t agree

Pictures, rows of threes, somewhat organized upon a shelf
Contradictory words often spoken just to spite myself
(But) Truth shines in your eyes
Sparkling with the sky

Wishing for the day that I come back to you
A few more things out here I have to do

While all I have,
Is just this photograph
The paper ages but it never seems you do
There to remind me how I’m always missing you

February cold when midwest winters come around
Feel this getting old while time so eagerly marches on
Always on my mind
Never left behind

The days are tough, the nights are long without you dear
After awhile the reason’s never been so clear

It’s you my friend
I long to see again
The moment I beheld you was the moment I was yours
A swing and miss at first but damn it’s turned out good

Always know you’ll have the best true part of me
The past is past now have to let it be

The tide will turn
And turning bring us ’round again
No matter where I go I’m never very far away
Just reach out now and know the love I’m feeling every day
So take a breath and celebrate the making of the day
The dance has started and the band is on the stage
Instead of heartache there’s this feeling that remains…

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