Lucky Guy

September 16, 2018

This is a song about seeing your grown (or almost grown) child head off into the world, bidding goodbye for now and other things you might want to say.

Thinking about the road you’ll soon be traveling on
Wondering where it leads, the path you follow
Questioning for a moment where the time has gone
For a little more I’d steal if I could not borrow

Thought about the words I’d say when this day come
Now those words are ringing cold and hollow
Try to keep it real and not be overcome
Hid behind a wall of fake bravado

Seemed a short while ago
You were just a babe in tow
Now you’re grown and steady and you’re shining

Hey baby it all goes ’round
No point now in backing down
Just grab your bag and hit the ground a-runnin’

Hey darling, I’m alright
Tell you now I’m a lucky guy
Just keep a little line of sight unbroken

Now the time has come we have to say goodbye
Take my hand and let there be no sorrow
Just a sunrise and an airplane ride
Imagine where you’ll be this time tomorrow

In the blinking of an eye
Into the depths of a clear blue sky
And into the lights so bright that they’ll be blinding

Make a wish upon a star
Take a jug from the reservoir of
Biding faith and love that I have for you

You’ll always be part of me
Got your Momma’s faith I believe
Now you gotta make your peace and just get started

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