Shades of Indigo

January 21, 2019

He come from Jericho out on the plain
Expecting nothing much from anything
Not one for reason or appeal
An aimless cog inside a wheel of rusting steel

She worked the counter for a dollar chain
In shades of indigo every goddamn day the same
Her daddy barely knew her name
Trapped there entangled in a never ending maze

A random actor in a small town play
An aging ingenue in worn chambray
The curtain rises on the stage
The scene is set to cast the players straightaway

Lifelong disappointment left bitter and unhealed
No secret wish that ever come true

Inside an empty heart where no hurt hides concealed
No silver lining there to cling to

A chance encounter in no special place
An offhand fall, an unplanned state of grace
A dance in stark black silhouette
Redeemed a lifetime of rejection and regret

In dawn’s soft afterglow, the past outrun
With words spoke easily, one and one are one
History’s now abated loneliness
The waning whispers of an old numb callousness

With no uncertain clarity the future is revealed
A promise made that gently binds you

This time a spark takes hold and now a light burns in the soul
A cherished hope that comes to find you

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