Sunday Morning (The Coffee Shop Song)

June 29, 2019

Here’s something I recently made up…

Sunday morning and the day is all your own
Seize the memories like they’re made of precious stone

Take a little stroll down to the corner shop
Count your blessings from the bottom to the top

Music from the playground in the park
Springsteen singin’ “…we’re just dancin’ in the dark”

Folks comin’ through the door all dressed in style
Bound for church they each in turn all nod and smile

Pick a chair where you can maybe find yourself
Near the tickin’ of the clock sittin’ on the shelf

No matter where you travel or how far
You can get there and you’ll still be who you are

Leave your order with the girl there at the bar
Take your coffee, toss a dollar in the jar

Hey little darlin’ with your eyes so burnin’ blue
Don’t even notice how the guys all look at you

With the sunlight on your face
Makes me happy to be part of the human race

It’s so simple and it’s true
Everything you need is waiting right here if you want it to

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