22 (Original)

August 7, 2019

In this dusty arid desert town
The call went out when that Hell went down
No one seemed too much surprised this time around

The last count heard was 22
Word that some may still pull through
Everyone showed up again to mar that solemn ground

While behind the scenes a madman screams
At the Lefts and the Rights and the In-betweens
The battles fought are all for naught with nothing to redeem

And once again you realize
The next latest last ditch compromise
Shouldn’t come as no surprise to anyone it seems

‘Til from up on the roofs and out in the fields
‘Til common sense finally forgets to yield
Soaring ever higher over everyone and everything

‘Til flaming embers from the fire of
Searing Truths that burn the Liars
Cleansed and burnished with desire for love and healing

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