Hi, I’m Mark Pyles, and I’m a singer/songwriter from Louisville, KY. As an acoustic solo act, I perform songs, covers and originals, at farmers markets, neighborhood festivals, restaurants and retirement living campuses around town. I am a member of Kentuckiana Association of Singers, Lyricists and Composers (KASLAC) and Heartland Songwriter’s Association of KY (HSAOK).

I can often be found at some of my favorite open mics, either performing or sometimes, just listening:


Please feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or email (dmarkpyles@gmail.com) if you would like more info on any of these events or just want to connect. I hope to see you someday soon!

P.S. Folks have asked me where “Pajamas Music” came from. Here’s the back story: I posted cover of a Mindy Smith tune, “Come to Jesus” on an acoustic guitar forum, and one of the feedback comments I received read:

I confess, I was skeptical going in. The original(at least the version I have of her live) has soaring female vocals, guitars, a mandolin, and is tremendously powerful. I wasn’t sure a gray haired guy (like me) in his pajamas with a guitar would pull this off. But the simple arrangement and your unique voice were compelling. I truly enjoyed this.

Now, for the record, I was not wearing pajamas, I was dressed casually, but it seemed as good a name for a website as anything, so there you go.