Shades of Indigo

January 21, 2019

He come from Jericho out on the plain
Expecting nothing much from anything
Not one for reason or appeal
An aimless cog inside a wheel of rusting steel

She worked the counter for a dollar chain
In shades of indigo every goddamn day the same
Her daddy barely knew her name
Trapped there entangled in a never ending maze

A random actor in a small town play
An aging ingenue in worn chambray
The curtain rises on the stage
The scene is set to cast the players straightaway

Lifelong disappointment left bitter and unhealed
No secret wish that ever come true

Inside an empty heart where no hurt hides concealed
No silver lining there to cling to

A chance encounter in no special place
An offhand fall, an unplanned state of grace
A dance in stark black silhouette
Redeemed a lifetime of rejection and regret

In dawn’s soft afterglow, the past outrun
With words spoke easily, one and one are one
History’s now abated loneliness
The waning whispers of an old numb callousness

With no uncertain clarity the future is revealed
A promise made that gently binds you

This time a spark takes hold and now a light burns in the soul
A cherished hope that comes to find you

Wishing You

January 6, 2019

Once in awhile
A day comes along
And lessons from it drawn

Adrift in my mind
Bending with time
In the hours just before the dawn

Lost in plain sight
Frozen in flight
While the dark takes everything

Rescued outright
Brought down in a fight
By an angel without wings

Fates will align
Hearts will incline
Stars will outshine when you are mine

Trial after trial
After awhile
Bear the burden of the pain

Deep in denial
Lost in exile
With the worry and the shame

Found in the night
Reflecting the light
From the puddles in the rain

Snapped out of a daze
Fell into place
As circumstances changed

What dreams befall it
Free and exalted
High up on a mountain of your love

Baby I’m thinking that
Maybe I’ve been wishing you daily
Yeah lately I’ve been crazy ’cause
Baby you’re burning in my mind

All the Things That Matter

January 6, 2019

The morning sun is rising and I watch you dreaming
And I wonder

How to make some kind of sense of all these new feelings
That I’m under

It’s strange to find after all this time
Some peace of mind
Lying here beside you

It quiets me
Still no guarantee
Of happily ever afters

Sinking ships weighed down by loneliness
Ego trips, one-upmanships behind me

Those left behind, plans redefined, these inept rhymes
All come round to find me

I am awoke
My love a cloak
I give to warm and bind you

I stand enthralled
Steadfast resolved
My heart and soul inclined to

I could spend my life, search far and wide
Use up all my days to gather

But your words, your warmth your laughter
Are all the things that matter

Second Time Around

November 29, 2018

This is the first new thing I’ve written in almost a year.

Second Time Around

I will wander barren wastelands
Unpack your Homegoods shit and hang it on the wall
Climb the highest steepest mountain
Drive the kids down to the shopping mall

I will go and slay your dragon
Fetch your coffee from the kitchen down the hall
Fell the thickest deepest forest
Bring your pots and plants in come the Fall

Then rest with you
Lie in comfort in your arms here

I’ll swim the wildest raging river
Wash the towels and clean the shower stall
Cross a thousand arid deserts
Make sure your laptop gets the latest install

Rest your head against my shoulder
Take my hand in yours and squeeze it nice and tight
Save a little bit of Heaven
A little bit of peace until the morning

So I might know
And I might fly away with you from here
On this second time around

I’ll pick up tickets for the Wednesday Powerball
On this second time around

Lucky Guy

September 16, 2018

This is a song about seeing your grown (or almost grown) child head off into the world, bidding goodbye for now and other things you might want to say.

Thinking about the road you’ll soon be traveling on
Wondering where it leads, the path you follow
Questioning for a moment where the time has gone
For a little more I’d steal if I could not borrow

Thought about the words I’d say when this day come
Now those words are ringing cold and hollow
Try to keep it real and not be overcome
Hid behind a wall of fake bravado

Seemed a short while ago
You were just a babe in tow
Now you’re grown and steady and you’re shining

Hey baby it all goes ’round
No point now in backing down
Just grab your bag and hit the ground a-runnin’

Hey darling, I’m alright
Tell you now I’m a lucky guy
Just keep a little line of sight unbroken

Now the time has come we have to say goodbye
Take my hand and let there be no sorrow
Just a sunrise and an airplane ride
Imagine where you’ll be this time tomorrow

In the blinking of an eye
Into the depths of a clear blue sky
And into the lights so bright that they’ll be blinding

Make a wish upon a star
Take a jug from the reservoir of
Biding faith and love that I have for you

You’ll always be part of me
Got your Momma’s faith I believe
Now you gotta make your peace and just get started

Goodnight My Love

May 13, 2018

Written for my first granddaughter, Bayliss, in early 2014.

Good night, my Love
Godspeed you
Good night, my Dear
And send you
Angel choirs, sing you to sleep
And rock you safely in His keep
And all your dreams are those
(Of) reds, yellows, greens and golds
And rivers
So blue and deep

Good night, my Love
Godspeed you
Good night, my Dear
The day through
When the sun yields to the stars
And the moon sends her regards
Worries fall behind
Bringing peace of mind
As gently
As butterflies

Good night, my Love
Godspeed you
Good night, my Dear
I’ll see you
When the morning breaks the night
And the world is filled with light/set aright
Day begins anew
And all your dreams come true
And waiting
Here for you

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