Half a Thousand Miles More Rock to Denver (Original)

September 5, 2019

Drove half the night ’round hills outside of Barstow
Got half a mind to just keep drivin’ on
There’s half a thousand miles more rock to Denver
And a half-baked plan to blow off comin’ home

Spent some time thinking ’bout the situation
How’d we get to be so far undone?
Wrapped up in some transient angst and contemplation
Queryin’ for the truth in the rising sun

Lookin’ for a little divine inspiration
Hoping for some kinda meta cosmic clue
Canyons echoin’ answers with no translation
But all the signs keep pointing back to you

Bid the light through the window
Chase the storm clouds out of your mind, tell me
What you think you’re hoping to find?

With a wish and a whisper willing
Time make everything new
So every single, lonely byway
Blessed highway
Brings me back here to you

Following the path got set before me
Harder than a body should endure
Except for some crazy, phase-y faded memories
Whatever hopes you had you won’t find here no more

Wanting for that soul I know can heal me
Looks at me like I’m the setting sun
The one whose eyes I know can see right through me
Looks on me like I’m some chosen one

Take a look in the rear view mirror
What do you see?
Is it who you thought it’d be?

Stealin’ light from the shadows
Round these hills to carry me through
Now every single, lonely byway
Blessed highway
Brings me back home to you

22 (Original)

August 7, 2019

In this dusty arid desert town
The call went out when that Hell went down
No one seemed too much surprised this time around

The last count heard was 22
Word that some may still pull through
Everyone showed up again to mar that solemn ground

While on the big screen a madman screams
At the Lefts and the Rights and the In-betweens
The battles fought are all for naught with nothing to redeem

And once again you realize
The next latest last ditch compromise
Shouldn’t come as no surprise to anyone it seems

‘Til from up on the roofs and out in the fields
‘Til common sense finally forgets to yield
Soaring ever higher over everyone and everything

‘Til flaming embers from the fire of
Searing Truths that burn the Liars
Cleansed and burnished with desire for love and healing

Sunday Morning (The Coffee Shop Song)

June 29, 2019

Here’s something I recently made up…

Sunday morning and the day is all your own
Seize the memories like they’re made of precious stone

Take a little stroll down to the corner shop
Count your blessings from the bottom to the top

Music from the playground in the park
Springsteen singin’ “…we’re just dancin’ in the dark”

Folks comin’ through the door all dressed in style
Bound for church they each in turn all nod and smile

Pick a chair where you can maybe find yourself
Near the tickin’ of the clock sittin’ on the shelf

No matter where you travel or how far
You can get there and you’ll still be who you are

Leave your order with the girl there at the bar
Take your coffee, toss a dollar in the jar

Hey little darlin’ with your eyes so burnin’ blue
Don’t even notice how the guys all look at you

With the sunlight on your face
Makes me happy to be part of the human race

It’s so simple and it’s true
Everything you need is waiting right here if you want it to

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